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take care, everybody. good morning. it is thursday, october 4, 2012. welcome to cbs "this morning." a cbs news poll shows mitt romney outshines president obama in their first debate. >> a border clash erupts between turkey and syria, raising the stakes in the ongoing civil war. >> baseballas its first triple crown winner since 1967 and who want to tear down a house by one of america's greatest architect. >> we begin this morning with today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. middle income americans have been buried. they are being crushed.
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>> mitt romney goes on the offensive. >> five weeks before the election he's saying his big bold idea is never mind. >> you're entitled to president to your own airplane and own house but not your own facts. >> where was obama tonight? >> we pundits don't know whether debates matter but we do know debates over whether debates matter matter. >> syrian targets in retaliation killing five civilians. >> very dangerous situation. >> a rare and deadly meningitis outbreak leads to steroid injections is now spreading. four people have died. >> miguel cabrera has become the first player to win the triple crown since carl yastrzemski in 1967. >> hugs all the way around. >> police in chicago are searching for those responsible for a marijuana farm the size of
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two football fields. >> home invasion at ashton kutcher's home turned out to be a hoax. ashton kutcher wasn't there. >> american league east champion. >> they shocked the baseball world. >> republican candidate currently running for president. >> snooki. >> all that matters. >> i'm going to stop the subsidy to pbs. i love pbs and big bird and you too. >> on cbs "this morning." >> the nfl have switched the jerseys which has a body contour fit. >> the complaint is new uniforms make them look tubby. >> here's tim tebow in the new uniform? what do you think? [ laughter ] >> welcome to cbs "this morning." the first of three president
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debates are over and this morning most of people who watched it sayovernor mitt romney got the upper hand on president obama. >> the candidate traded views on the economy and domestic issues and jan crawford is at the site of last night's debate in denver. >> reporter: good morning. all you had to do was look at romney's advisers after the debate last night, their smiles told it all. they knew romney did what he needed to do. here's this morning's "denver post" saying it too. romney may have changed the dynamics of this race. >> under the president's policies middle income americans have been buried. they are being crushed. >> reporter: it was an energized mitt romney taking direct aim at the president's economic policies and offering a different approach. >> we know the path we're taking is not work, it's time for a new path. >> reporter: romney came into the night where most voters thought the president would win. but in 90 minutes he clearly exceeded expectations. a 2-1 margin romney had won.
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56% said their opinion of romney changed for the better yet 13% said that about the president. romney was especially effective in criticizing the president's policies. aggressively defended his own proposals. when a president attacked. >> he's been running on this tax plan for 18 months and now five weeks before the election he's saying that his big bold idea is never mind. >> reporter: romney pushed back. >> let me repeat what i said. i'm not in favor of a $5 trillion tax cut. i'm not is going to put in any tax cut that would increase the deficit. >> we've seen 5 million jobs in the private sector created. the auto industry has come roaring back. housing has begun to rise. >> reporter: he hit romney for not providing specifics. >> at some point i think the american people ask themselves is the reason that governor
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romney is keeping all these plans to replace secret because they are too good? is it because that somehow middle class families will benefit too much from them? >> reporter: he pulled his punches and never mentioned lines of attacks that have been effective in his ad like romney's tenure at bain capital or the 47% of americans who don't pay income tax. rob portman who played president obama in mock debates said the president was uncomfortable in being challenged. >> he was surprised that romney had the grasp of the issues and facts and was willing to be aggressive and talking about what he's for. and i think that's why this is a successful debate for mitt romney. >> reporter: the obama campaign had a different take. >> any time a challenger stands on the stage with the president in the first debate they tend to get some bounce. i expect that could happen here. >> reporter: now expectations were low for romney going into
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this debate but there was one notable exception. new jersey governor chris christie went off message on "face the nation" saying he thought romney would win and change the dynamics of this race. this morning he called into morning joe and take a listen to what he had to say. >> i felt the president had no energy. it didn't look like he wanted to engage governor romney. the fact of the matter is, you know, you can't beat the champ on points, mitt romney hit a knockout last night. >> reporter: now a lot of republicans, democrats and swing voters we interviewed in our poll are saying about the same thing this morning so this was a real i told you so moment for chris christie. norah and charlie. >> we go to political director john dickerson. he's also in denver. john, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> exactly how does this change the dynamics of the race? >> reporter: well, conservatives who were worried about romney,
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not sure if he was on kind of a long term slide are now very excited. it means mitt romney doesn't have to deal with those money folks who he's been having to settle down. that takes care of. they are very excited. it gives rommie a second look from folks who are just tuning in. it corrects the public narrative for him. those are both good thing. the real question is can this stick trom any. can he take advantage of this successful performance going forward. >> and, john, what about president obama's performance? you know, there was no mention of the 47%, no mention of bain, no mention of women's health care and obama care. did obama leave his greatest hits on the cutting room floor? >> reporter: i think he did. what mitt romney did successfully he was able to press the case against the president while also remaining appealing enough that those instant polls after the debate showed people liked mitt romney. the president stayed away from doing anything that was too
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terribly aggressive. he spoke sort of as if he was leading a seminar about this. and by not being aggressive, he as you said left some of his best material on the cutting room floor. you can be sure that in ads and in talking points in the coming days that's not going to be case. >> is this a new mitt romney or is this simply a mitt romney we had not seen? >> reporter: well, that's been a long standing question about mitt romney. i think there were a lot of times where mitt romney talked about his massachusetts record. he gave the president grief for kissing the new york banks. the regulations that he had been very much against in the primaries he suggested parts of it were okay. a more moderate mitt romney and so the question is will he be able to sustain that. now he has to find a way to convey that in the other kinds of venues and in the next debate but on the stump, in his commercials to kind of keep this
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image of himself that came across well for voters last night, keep it in front of them. >> what do you think fact checkers will be looking most closely at? >> reporter: the numbers. mitt romney talked about his tax plan. what the president was trying to say was you can't have a program of tax cuts and also increase in defense spending. that adds up. without drastic spending cuts. that's one of the things people will be going after mitt romney. also his claims about health care plan and medicare, how his plan would work out. i think in particular the question of the taxes and the budget and how that would affect people it will really put into place that will be the main fact checking question going forward. >> john, i feel facts has been one of the casualties in this campaign, certainly both sides. there's stuff in papers analyzing what obama said that was untrue and what mitt romney said that was untrue.
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let's talk about mitt romney's tax plan. he wants to cut everyone's rate by 21%. is it true that that would cost $5 trillion? yes or no? >> reporter: well the question is how do you shape it? the question for romney is not necessarily that he's telling an untruth it's that he's not giving us any of the details. he says he can reduce rates and not a net tax decrease because he'll get rid of loopholes? which hoop holes will you get rid of? he named cutting funding for pbs. that's a small part of the budget. it's not necessarily that he's saying an untruth it's just that he's not filling in this very big and important part of the equation. >> which is how you make up for it. >> thank you. frank luntz talked to undecided voters. in the next half hour we'll hear what they had to say and how that could impact the race. violence in syria spread into turkey. turkish are a littlery pounded
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syria throughout night and a new crisis began wednesday when a mortar fire from syria landed in a turkish border town. holly williams is in istanbul, turkey. >> reporter: in 18 months or so since the syrian conflict began this is the first time we've seen it spill across the border to turkey. a village was she would killing five turkish civilians including three children and been holding funerals for the dead in that village this morning. the turkish military respond by firing back across the border into syria both yesterday evening and this morning. i spoke to a senior turkish government official earlier who said the firing has now stopped and that all of the targets was syrian military facilities. secretary of state hillary clinton has called this a very dangerous situation. the fear is it could escalate into a military conflict between turkey and syria. that would be massively destabilizing for the middle
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east and could even draw in the u.s. because turkey is a nato ally. however, this morning we heard from a senior adviser to the turkey engineer prime minister end he calmed some of those fears by saying turkey has no intention of going to war with syria but capable of defending its borders and will retaliate when necessary. >> clarissa ward is with us and been reporting on the upridesing in syria for more than a war. good to have you here. so what is the reaction on the part of the syrian free army and the people who are supporting the rebellion against the government to the fact that they have not been getting the kind of assistance they hoped for or expected. >> there's a sense of not just of disappointment but of real bitterness. they know that they cannot win this war out sophisticated anti-aircraft weaponry and it's hard to overemphasize how
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devastating the regime constant aerial bombardment on the people, on the ground, on the cities. they know they need a no fly zone or need those weapons and because they are not getting them from the west or any support from the international community they are increasingly turning towards extremist groups who are willing to step in and fill the vacuum. >> that's an important point. that's what many people in washingt were concerned about. you have been on the ground, right? you just came back from there. do you think what happened yesterday in the news that this is the first shot in what becomes now a wider conflict? >> absolutely. i mean the region is on tender hooks. in lebanon, turkey, jordan. everybody is watching very closely to see how the revolution within the country is changing face, how it is implementing more extremist tactic, how people are become being more radicalized. at the same time what the syrians would say to me you think we want extremists to come in and hijack our revolution.
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we don't. we're drowning. we ask you to give us your hand and you won, they will so we'll take it. >> is the syrian government getting any support from outside like iran? >> they've seen iranian fighters inside, seen fighters with hezbollah, the lebanese shi'ite regime. the syrian regime count exist without the support of iran and hezbollah and the russians. >> great to see you. >> clarissa, thank you. >> cbs has learned the u.s. mission in libya repeatedly asked for better security before last month's attack on the american consulate in benghazi. a state department officer said there were 13 confirmed security threats in the six months before the attack. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed three weeks ago. critics argue the obama administration was not prepared for the violence.
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secretary of state clinton says she's determined to find out if any security requests were denied. >> now to some disturbing medical news. more than two dozen people in five states have become ill in a meningitis outbreak. four of those people have died and more case are expected. all of them have taken steroid injections to treat back pain. doctors say those steroids made in massachusetts were contaminated. this type of fungal meningitis is not contagious. >> baseball's regular season ended last night. the detroit tiger's miguel cabrera made history. he led the american league in home runs, runs batted in. jim axelrod has been following this. jim, good morning. >> reporter: once in a generation might actually be underselling it. this hasn't been done in 45 years. miguel cabrera is now taking his place alongside some of the greatest names in baseball history. >> getting ready to hit third in
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this inning. >> reporter: he could have sat but the 29-year-old miguel cabrera chose to play anyway last night and soaked in the fan's appreciation for his rare achievement. even in kansas city they were cheering. just 16 years old when the venezuelan was signed by a major league franchise cabrera earned his place in the history books with 14 home runs, 139 rbis, a batting average of .330 all tops in the american league. he joins a who's who of baseball great including triple crown winners ted williams, lou gehrig and mickey mantle. >> guys like alex rodriguez, manny ramirez, barry bonds, your take a look at any of the great
7:17 am
baseball players in the last 45 years, hank aaron never did this. >> reporter: carl yastrzemski was the last player to achieve the triple crown in 1967. >> i didn't know i won the triple crown until the next day until i read it in the paper. >> reporter: "sports illustrated" editor thinks the same thing might be happening to cabrera, overshadowed by two tight american league division races that came down the last day of the regular season. >> there's been a little bit of softening in the coverage of this because people are consumed with the pennant races and in that sense baseball may be shooting themselves in the foot a little bit. this is a historic achievement that baseball is typically all over. >> reporter: something else that may be working against cabrera in generating glowing coverage. it hasn't been all good news for him during his career. three years ago he had a domestic incident with his wife, police were called, very poor
7:18 am
timing. it was the night before a crucial to end the season game. then there was a dui arrest in 2011. no argument this morning on the field, spectacular news for miguel cabrera. >> this is amazing to me as a baseball fan to see. 1967, more than 40 years ago, yas did it, the great yastrzemski. to see it by someone who sneaked up on me. >> now joins ted williams and mickey mantle and everybody. we're having a good baseball season especially with the nats down in d.c. >> time to show you this morning's headlines. "usa today" shays chicago's murder rate is still climbing. 391 people were murdered in chicago through september 23rd, the death toll is up 25% from last year. police say most of the bloodshed is related to gangs and drugs. >> the "new york times" reports on violent protests in iran's capital. demonstrators are angry over the collapse of the iranian
7:19 am
currency. in the past week iran's currency has lost 40% of its value against the dollar. iran's president blames the united states and its internal enemy. >> the "wall street journal" says colleges are going online to see what prospective freshmen are doing and finding more objectionable material about one quarter of admissions officers of the nation's top 500 colleges have checked facebook or google. one-third of those officials say they found something that has hurt a student's chances forced a mission. that's three times as many as last year. >> that's huge. the "cleveland plain dealer" has this year's nominees for the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. performers can be nominated 25 years after their first hit. brush, deep
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>> where is congressman jesse jackson jr. he was treated for bipolar disorder. four months later his wife said he still cannot go out in public. this morning we'll show you why jackson is likely to be re-elected to congress without campaigning. >> two developers want to tear down this home to build new ones. the trouble is it was built by a legendary architect. >> never in my wildest dream i would have thought this would ever happen, someone would want to tear down a franklin lloyd wright. >> we'll visit the house that may be too expensive to save on cbs "this morning". [ female announcer ] dove go sleeveless
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"the washington post" columnist george will knows why obama is ahead, riding the nation which is reluctant to call a president a failure is reluctant to give up on the first african-american president. can't just write a column saying the only reason why white people are voting for barack obama is because he's a black because if you could my aunt rita would be writing your column after her third gin fizz. >> welcome back. only a few percent of american voters are saying they are undieded in the presidential race and both candidates are trying very hard to win them over. >> focus groups watched the
7:31 am
debates last night in denver and new york and told cbs analysts and frank luntz what they liked and didn't like. frank good morning. >> good morning. by the way just to get these 25 people we had well over 1,000 we went through because even people who claimed they are undecided have decided the candidate they won't vote for but still trying to consider which one they will vote for. they are not undecided at all. >> what did you learn from them? >> three points. you got some great footage that i do want to call-up. number one it's what you do in the first 90 seconds. that sets the tone for everything that follows. second you want to enumerate. the more you do and more numbers you use voters think you're using facts and specifics. and for these undecided voters any appeal to partisanship will be embraced. i think it's truly only 3% or 4%
7:32 am
the person that can work together with congress and work across the aisle that's the person they want to work for. in all three cases as you hard in the polling, mitt romney did better than barack obama. >> frank you mentioned mitt romney came out with his a-game and came out strong in the beginning in his opening statement. it may have suede undecided voters. >> my plan has five basic parts. one get us energy independent, north america energy independent that creates about 4 million jobs. number two, open up more trade particularly in latin america. crack down on china if and when they cheat. number three make sure our people have the skills they need to succeed and the best schools in the world. we're far away the that now. number four, get us to a balanced budget. number five champion small business. >> now in our own cbs poll, percentage of people said romney cares about their needs and problems speck 33 points after the debate. frank, i think this is one of
7:33 am
the most interesting things. also in romney's opening statement he talked about the person who lost their job that came up to him. the person that approached ann romney and said can you help us? mitt romney said this, i went back to the transcript this morning, the answer is yes, we can help. he said yes we can. mitt romney said yes we can help. how did your focus group respond? >> they noticed it. they saw mitt romney was renksing real problem and it took obama 40 minutes before he told any story and the story he told was his own grandmother. so the public looks at this and they want to know who these people are and they want to know these candidates truly care about them. by the way mitt romney did not talk about middle class. think found interesting. he talked about middle income and there is a difference there. romney is trying to make obama be the one who is dividing and talking about class warfare. romney's choice of word about middle income is interesting. >> the focus group gave
7:34 am
president obama points for taking on governor romney for not having a back up plan on obama care. let's show that club. >> you said that he's going to lose deductions and loopholes. for his tax plan. but we don't know the details. he says that he's going to replace dodd-frank, wall street reform but we don't know exactly which ones. he won't tell us. he now says he'll replace obama care and assure all the good things in it will be in there, and you don't have to worry. >> frank this seems to be getting at the point that david axelrod and david plouffe were making after the debate in trying to spin this is that romney is a secret guy, he won't tell you what he's going to do when he gets rid of obama care or what he's going to do on taxes but did obama effectively make that case? >> he made the case. and that was one of the rare case where the republicans were dialing him at a 60 which is a relatively positive.
7:35 am
the difference here is when mitt romney talked and almost all the dials these weak republicans or weak democrats moved together. when barack obama talked and they are all undecided voters much greater split in the response. so it was obama who was most polarizing and the key to this election in that debate is for mitt romney to bring those weak republicans back into his camp, people who he's lost over the last 30 days and then start to move the debate into barack obama's territory and he did do that. >> frank luntz, thank you. not all candidate are campaigning this year. congressman jesse jackson jr. is running again and we haven't seen him in four months. we'll hear from the voters and his wife on cbs "this morning". [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
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this morning the wife of illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. may not go back to work before election. and some are wondering why so running again. >> jackson has been on medical leave for nearly four months. >> he could win re-election without campaigning and without being seen. congressman jesse jackson jr. who has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder hasn't been to his congressional office in washington since june and hasn't campaigned in his chicago district at all. according to jackson's wife sandy, the congressman wants to appear in public but is still recovering. >> i know that he is anxious to do so. but he is also under doctor's orders to stay very calm, very quiet and he's going to do that. >> jackson, an 18 year veteran of congress disappeared in june at first without explanation. he was being treated in arizona,
7:41 am
then at the mayo clinic, but his office gave several different reasons for his absence before revealing the bipolar diagnosis. >> this has been a very mysterious episode from the word go. first it was fatigue, then it was depression, then it was bipolar disorder then gastro intestinal problems. problems that dribbled out and not being dealt with forthrightly. jesse jackson jr. remains popular enough in his district to be re-elected but some voters in chicago wonder where he is and when he's coming back to work. >> if he's severely depress where you can work you shouldn't >> how can we vote for you if you don't support us. >> jackson put up his house in
7:42 am
washington, d.c. his wife said they need the money. >> it's now 7:54. time now for your local weather. history's greatest architects. why is one of his buildings under a demolition threat. critics say it will be like destroying a picasso. we'll hear from them this morning. [ mujahid ] there was a little bit of trepidation,
7:43 am
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. this morning there's a showdown over the last house to be designed by frank lloyd wright one of america's premier architect. >> on wednesday officials gave more time to preservationist. bill whitaker is in phoenix. >> reporter: good morning.
7:47 am
this is not a big house, but it's at the center of a big controversy here in phoenix and beyond. this could become the first building by a claimed architect frank lloyd wright to be intentionally torn down in more than 40 years. it might almost go unnoticed the circular cinder block structure overgrown unmaniha about itted in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in phoenix except for the controversy. >> we thought we got a good deal on a piece of property that nobody wanted. >> this house is priceless. >> it's a nightmare. it's very heartbreaking. >> reporter: the graceful gray house was design anticipate built by america's foremost architect frank lloyd wright for his son david and wife gladys in 1952. coiled like a desert certificate pent this 2,500 square foot house foreshadowed the spiral grandeur of wright's guggenheim museum built in new york seven years later. >> a lot of mr. wright's
7:48 am
thinking is expressed in this home. widely considered by wright scla scholars to be in the top den of designs. >> kimberly wright and ann wright levy are grand daughters of frank lloyd wright. they spent summers at the house. >> fun house to run and play. we ran up and down the ramp. >> reporter: unable to afford the upkeep they sold the house to a buyer who promised to preserve it who promptly put it back on the market. when in jon hoffman and his partner bought the house in june they saw a quirky old house in disrepair on a precious parcel of land. hoffman's partner steve cells. >> you're the bad guy. >> absolutely i am. i'm a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> reporter: they got city approval to sub divide the two acres to build two new big
7:49 am
house. >> it was he in never a secret. >> you were going to tear down a frank lloyd wright house. >> that was the intention. >> that's what ignited the controversy. when the partners got a demolition permit outraged preservationists got busy. they got a petition to stop the demolition and got the city planning commission to designate it as a historic landmark. >> never in my wildest dream would i have thought that someone would want to tear down a frank lloyd wright home. >> do you think they are being greedy? >> yes, do i. i think they are in it only for the money. >> reporter: they say they are businessmen needing to turn a profit. they can't restore the gem which they say would cost $2 million and they can't afford to have it sit around as a historic museum piece. >> this is not a get rich. this is a get out, get
7:50 am
compensated, and move on with my simple quiet life and jon's simple quiet life. >> reporter: now cells and hoffman have agreed to take no action for the next 24 days until they, the city and the preservationists can figure out what to do. but they still hold out the option of tearing this house down. about the only thing alcides can agree on is that they need someone with deep pockets and a deep love of architecture to come by and fix up this old house. >> bill whitaker, thank you. charlie it sounds like either they are going to divide this and build two houses and make a lot of money or have someone come buy it. >> they are clear about who they are and what they are in it for. you would just hope that something like this, frank lloyd wright would be able to come together to save it. >> exactly. now it's time for this morning's health watch with dr. holly
7:51 am
phillips. >> good morning. in health watch a simple trick to avoid choking under pressure. are you afraid of crumbling in high pressure situations? a technique used with athletes may help the rest of us perform better. in three experiments with judo experts and soccer players researchers tested the athletes skills during practice and then in stressful competition. they found that right-handed athletes who squeezed a ball in their left hands before competing were less likely to choke one pressure than right-handed players who squeezed a ball in their right hand. they think squeezing it in the left hand activates the opposite side of the pran. when the left hemisphere of the brain is activated athletes become overly analytical which can interfere with the performance of motor tasks. it could have important implications outside of
7:52 am
athletics. elderly people focus too much on their moments. so they may be able to improve their balance by clinching their left hand. before your next challenge tighten your grip for success. i'm dr. holly phillips. >> "cbs healthwatch" sponsored by alka-seltzer cold plus. alka-seltzer plus cold and cough fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a fast acting antihistamine to relieve your runny nose. [ sighs ] thank you! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] try new alka-seltzer plus severe allergy to treat allergy symptoms, plus sinus congestion, and pain.
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♪ >> it's 8:00 a.m. "this morning." mitt romney is praised for his performance against president obama and a prank emergency call at ashton kutcher's house put the spotlight on swatting. first here's a look at what's happening in the world and what we've been covering on cbs "this morning." >> we know that the path we're taking is not working, it's time for a new path. >> the question here tonight is not where we've been, but where we're going. >> the first of the three presidential debates are over. most of the people who watched it say governor mitt romney got the upper hand. >> romney did what he needed to
8:01 am
do and here is this morning's "denver post" is who romney may have changed the dynamics of this race. >> conservatives who were worried about romney not sure if he was on a long term slide are now very excited. >> the violence in syria has spread into neighboring turkey, fears it can escalate into a military conflict would be massively destabilizing for the motivate and draw in the u.s. >> this hasn't been done in 45 years. miguel cabrera is taking his place along the greatest names in history. >> frank lloyd wright was one of history's greatest architects. now one of his buildings is under a demolition threat. >> do you play golf? >> i can give that to him as a gift. >> 20 years ago i became the luckiest man on earth because michelle obama agreed to marry
8:02 am
me. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell on the morning after their first debate president obama and governor mitt romney are going back out on the campaign trail in a cbs news poll taken after the debate twice as many undecided voters said romney was the winner. >> debates are much about style and substance and bill plante is in denver. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. this was a debate about the economy. and the preside presented oppos visions on how to fix it. president obama appeared low key, mitt romney very energetic and aggressive. >> the president began this segment so i get the last word. >> reporter: romney took advantage that the format of the debate was less restrictive. frequently pushing past moderator jim lehrer's attempts to change the subject. >> have to respond to that.
8:03 am
>> reporter: as romney pushed on the president looked down or away even as he kept a slight smile on his face. for the president accusing romney to seeking to cut money for education, romney snapped back in one of the debates few pointed moments. >> as a president you're entitied to your own airplane and own house but not your own facts. >> reporter: he offered few details about tax cuts. prompting the president to fire back. >> when governor romney said he'll replace it with something, but can't detail how it will be, in fact, replaced, and the reason he set up the system he did in massachusetts is because there isn't a better way of dealing with the pre-existing conditions. >> reporter: at one point the president admonished the moderator for limiting his time. but the president's demeanor outraged many of his supporters who were upset he didn't challenge romney more aggressively. >> i don't know what he was
8:04 am
doing out there. he had his head down. enduring the debate. >> reporter: obama campaign sources concede romney's extensive debate preparation paid off. but david plouffe insisted the president was not off his game. >> people found him more steady tonight than romney. >> reporter: the president's team was also very quick to remind reporters that this is only the first of three debates. they can take some comfort from the fact that other presidents have gone on to win after less than stellar first debate performances. ronald reagan in 1984. george w. bush in 2004. norah, charlie, gayle. >> also in denver major garrett, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> what does the romney campaign have to do now to take advantage of what everybody believes was a victory in the debate? >> reporter: there's a very simple answer to that. two romney campaign officials told me. if this night works for us our
8:05 am
biggest challenge is not dousing the flame we set tonight meaning they know they've internally messed up advantages and advantageous moments that romney separates his campaign. they know now the most important between this debate and the next one not to blow the momentum. to blow on that fire and make it larger and not douse it. >> what's the challenge for the obama campaign? >> reporter: to bounce back. two very significant democrats who i talked to last night looking at the debates said i would call the debate trading places. mitt romney's back was against the wall now the president's back is against the wall and he needs a much sharper, much more passionate debate performance or people will not have the confidence that he has what it takes for a second term and a vision to carry that through. >> major, let me read you a tweet this morning. it says this wasn't a debate so much as mitt romney took obama for a cross country drive strapped to the roof of his car. so what is the spin that the white house is putting on what happened to the president last
8:06 am
night to explain it? >> reporter: well the white house knows that the president was on the low end of the energyic scale. they are calling that presidential and slightly differential. that surprised a lot of us who were expecting part of the president's performance to reflect that which his campaign has said about governor romney. there are at least ten lines of attack that the president left off the table. nothing about china, outsourcing, bain capital, 47%, exotic offshore business or tax shelter arrangements. all kinds of things that the campaign has been pounding mitt romney on that the president did not bring up himself. several democrats i talked to last night who were not on the obama payroll said the president's demeanor left the country with until pretty good that mitt romney is an acceptable alternative whom the president disagrees with, the whole tone of his campaign is yes i disagree with you but more importantly you're an unacceptable alternative. those close to the president know that dynamic has to change in the second debate. >> major, this may have been the first time in a presidential
8:07 am
debate that big bird was mentioned. it seems kind of like a silly thing to bring up. however if you look on social media whether twitter or google searches or even on facebook it was a term that was search ad great deal and you can see that graphic there. what does that tell us and was it an effective line by mitt romney or did it obscure some of the larger fiscal challenges that this country is facing. >> reporter: you know the white house well and sometimes those closest to the president talks about him playing the long game, playing the strategic long game. if there was a nuance that the obama team had last night they were playing the long game. there were thing mitt romney said in moments that didn't look electric on camera but they can use downstream. big bird, pbs and attacking big birdhings that most swing v like is something they will mine in the future when governor romney made a joke about getting a better accountant. you'll see that showing up in campaign stump speeches. endorsing in ways he hasn't before and as explicitly paul
8:08 am
ryan's idea for medicare retireees ten years from now. this is what the romney's team believes and can use against him and downstream and preparation for the second debate. that's the long game, the nuance to answer, the nuance spin for what they know internally was not a great night for the president and to make it better they have a lot of work ahead of them. >> do you think, major, that the president was surprised coming out of the block by romney's performance and therefore was simply taken aback and never got back on stride? >> reporter: as bill said incumbents often have problems in their first debate. it is not unusual for presidents to be somewhat taken aback by someone standing across from them telling them they are wrong. that's not a typical experience for presidents in the oval office. the president was taken aback and when your challenge certificate funnier than you on the 20th anniversary of your wedding you know you're off to a bad start.
8:09 am
>> good point. thank you, major garrett. we have a follow up on jennifer livingston. the man who wrote that e-mail, named kenneth crouse he's a personal injury lawyer. here's what he looks like. this is his facebook page. the newspaper calls him a fitness fanatic. standing by his comments. he even offers to help her. on tuesday livingston went on tuesday calling her a bad role model was unfair. >> a new dna test can help doctors figure out why babies get sick. they can pinpoint mutations that can cause disease in a couple of days instead of weeks or months. a new report says it can help doctors begin life-saving treatments earlier. >> silicon valley's most famous mom can be back on the job. ceo marissa mayer gave birth to
8:10 am
a baby boy over the weekend. she says she plans to only take a week or two off. her critics say she's making a huge mistake and setting a bad example by taking such a short maternity leave. >> this is what i'm doing that works for me. >> i think there are plenty of working women across this country and people who don't have money who only take a few weeks off because they have to work. so this is a debate among elites. a lot of people working women, middle income, lower income they can only take a few weeks. they don't have that choice. >> not one size fits all in that situation. this morning facebook announced it now has 1 billion users and if you're one of them you can pay to promote your personal post starting today. it will cost you $7 to bump your post higher on your friends news feed. home page news feed have got end clutter with updates. so if you got a big announcement
8:11 am
like you're engaged or your dog is missing you can pay to help your facebook friends to see it. >> from russia a real hey maker. a farmer needed to feed his horses so he piled a lot of hey on his car. when he finished the car looked like it needed a serious hair cut. you wonder how the driver saw where he was going. >> there it is. awfully silly. >> you wonder what made him think that was okay.
8:12 am
police say that swatting is a dangerous trend. we'll tell you what is that. and how ashton kutcher found himself in the middle of it. that's coming up next on cbs "this morning". /b jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not boring. that's how i met marilyn... giada... really good. yes! [ jack ] ...and alicia. ♪ this girl is on fire [ male announcer ] use any citi card to get the benefits of private pass. more concerts, more events, more experiences. [ jack ] hey, who's boring now?
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how many times has he been knocked down. >> if you're a nats fan you know the washington nationals have a different kind of presidential race. mascots represent four presidents. a green phillies mascot knocked everyone down. after losing more than 500 times since 2006, look, teddy roosevelt won for the first time last night and the crowd went wild. >> you like that? >> it's been a running debate in washington why teddy roosevelt was behind. finally he came in first. >> saw the big heads running around. ashton kutcher, known for staging those televised pranks
8:17 am
on his famous friends open on wednesday he was the one who got punked. police say these phoney calls are putting officers and others at risk. >> reporter: it was a tense morning on wednesday at the hollywood hills home of actor ashton kutcher. los angeles police responded to shots fired and a possible hostage situation. at first the message appeared to come from a woman hiding inside the house. >> they called police, there was a shooting inside, somebody was down. >> reporter: in true hollywood style it was not what it seemed. >> officers did their due diligence and pulled everyone out of the house and questioned and found it was a hoax. >> reporter: fbi calls it a swatting, a nationwide trend where somebody calls police, reports a false emergency and brings out law enforcement. it happened to computer gamers and bloggers and miley cyrus. someone called the police to her home in august with a 911 call
8:18 am
reporting shots fired. it was yet another hoax but one with serious consequences. if caught perpetrators face a $10,000 fine and up to three years in prison. >> officers put their life on the line every day. when they get a call, they think about going home to their families. >> reporter: kutcher was not home wednesday morning but later tweeted from the set of his sitcom said safe and sound at "two and a half men." don't miss tomorrow night at 8:30. it might have only been a hoax but no reason to pass up an opportunity for a little self-promotion. >> i like having somebody here i can trust. self-promotion aside it's just not funny. so far they have a hard time catching the people responsible for doing that. >> i never heard of that before. first time i heard of it. >> that's why we're here at cbs "this morning." >> yes. >> there are millions of old
8:19 am
wooden utility poles. as they get older and weaker, experts say they become dangerous. we'll meet a man whose life was changed forever by one of those falling poles. you're watching cbs "this morning." we'll be right back. ♪ [ female announcer ] almost nothing can dampen a baby's mood, when he wakes up dry in pampers. unlike other diapers, pampers has 3 absorbent layers, for up to 12 hours of protection overnight,
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and more beautiful mornings. ♪ [ female announcer ] pampers. peaceful nights. playful days. ♪ are made with sweet cherries and the crisp, clean taste of our cranberries. i cannot tell a lie -- 'tis tasty. okay, george washington, did you take my truck out last night? 'tis tasty.
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8:22 am
♪ you got to know when to hold 'em ♪ >> kenny rogers has had a hit in the last six decades. that's a record. we'll meet the gambler in the next half hour on cbs "this morning." your local news is next. &
8:23 am
8:24 am
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8:30 am
♪ welcome to cbs "this morning." florida today a maintenance worker plans to file a lawsuit over a falling utility pole that left him paralyzed. >> the case is highlighting a potential safety hazard in thousands of cities and towns across america. mark strassman is here with the story. >> reporter: good morning. the civil suit charges neglect that the utility pole that snapped and crashed down on a worker this summer was a preventable accident. the surprise is how many rotten poles are out there. manny baker a 58-year-old maintenance worker never saw disaster coming. in alachua, florida last july he
8:31 am
was removing a tree. >> we cleared a tree out of the road. that was about all that i remember. >> reporter: cables trapped underneath the fallen tree tugged on a nearby 25-foot utility pole snapping it at the base. baker ran for safety right into the falling pole. it crashed into his forehead breaking his neck. he awoke from a week long coma paralyzed from the neck down. that snapped utility pole was 54 years old. over the decades it had rotted below ground in florida's humid climate. >> i thought it was a tragic freak accident and after investigating a little we realized it was preventable and underscored or highlighted the public threat. >> reporter: many of the inauguration's estimated 200 million utility poles were installed after world war ii and are now antics. decaying, rotting from within, a
8:32 am
forgotten layer of america's ageing infrastructure. >> it's a reasonably appearing pole until you look up at the top and the top is split open, completely about two feet down. >> reporter: philip opsal is one of america's leading wood experts and has inspected utility poles since 1961. decay is more prevalent in the southeast especially florida where a worm moist climate breeds fungal and insect damage. he said utility poles like this should be replaced after 25 years but many poles are twice that old. >> who is responsible for these poles? >> the utilities that own them are responsible. >> there's no watchdog? >> no. >> florida mandates that utility companies inspect their poles every eight years. many subcontract inspections to third parties. >> got a white tag which means it's questionable. >> it's questionable. the inspector found it
8:33 am
questionable. >> last time this pole was inspected was nine years ago. >> yes. >> to you this pole worrisome? >> yes, it is. >> opsal has been hired by manny baker's legal team and wouldn't comment on the case. the bakers are suing at&t the owner of the pole that paralyzed him and the subcontractor at&t hired to inspect the pole. in a statement at&t told us our thoughts go out the mr. baker and his family in light of this tragic accident. we believe, however, that the pole was sound and its condition did not contribute to the accident. osmose would not comment on the suit. baker spent five weeks getting neck rehabilitation. his first year's medical bills alone will likely approach $1 million. jesse baker has been his wife for 30 years. >> i have hope. i trust in god. i know he's brought us this far. >> the bakers will return this
8:34 am
week to florida. doctors say he needs round the clock care for the rest of his life. >> you go out to get a tree out of the road to make sure nobody gets hurt or killed, and you get hurt for the rest of your life. >> florida is the only state that we can find requires regular pole inspections. the pole that fell recently passed inspection in 2008 but he had no details of what kind of inspection it was. >> seems like a no brainer. why don't they require communities to do, not only for aesthetic but also for safety. >> it is cost prohibitive. you have to -- the cost of building these things and placing them unground five to ten times more expensive. plus the cost of tearing down the poles that exist and to service these wires once underground are more expensive. so fewer than 20% american communities actually have underground power lines.
8:35 am
>> and local communities have economic problems. >> the ratepayers would have to pay the freight and who wants to do that. >> this is like almost, you know, five, ten billion dollars in communities and single cities to burial of the power lines. it's cost prohibitive. >> in this economy, come on. >> say that to those sitting in a wheelchair. for decades kenny rogers has set a high stanrd in music, and how about this? facial hair too. this morning, we'll talk to him about his career and his new memoir. but first,
8:36 am
8:37 am
how is life on the red planet? >> i can't eat, i can't sleep. all i can see is that giant red sun in the shape of a chicken. >> did you go down to kenny
8:38 am
rogers and complain? >> they gave me the heave-ho. >> classic "seinfeld" episode centered on kenny rogers chicken enterprise. the singer wore many hats. at 74 he's still busy, successful and looking forward to much more. ♪ >> from pschedelic rocker to country crooner ♪ >> and crossover pop sensation. kenny rogers has been reinventing himself for more than five decades. >> personally i think it's the beard. there has to be an award given out for best beard in music
8:39 am
history. ♪ >> it was with rock band first edition in 1967 where his distipgt voice first led to chart success. ♪ >> a decade later rogers reinvented himself again turning to a solo career in country music. ♪ >> recorded the song "lucille" which was a gamble. it was a very sad song. ♪ >> and the hits kept coming from his 1978 grammy winner "the gambler" to his first number one on the pop charts "lady" in
8:40 am
1980. the best selling duet of all time, isla"islands in the strea with dolly parton. >> i could not get that song out of my mind. it kept me awake at night. i thought if that's not a hit song, i don't know, you know. >> three grammys and 65 albums later, kenny rogers has continued to make music and delight audiences. ♪ >> yes, we did. kenny rogers sitting at the table writes about his life and career in the new memoir "luck or something like it." it's all about the beard and facial hair. >> you know what's funny. i used to have this full beard. my wife was complaining, she has
8:41 am
an identical twin sister and were arguing about their hair. i said leave it alone it will grow back. if it's that easy you should shave your beard. i had about three weeks off. i went to shave it off. i liked it better. so i just left it. but they are still arguing about the length of their hair. >> the title of the book is called "luck or something like it." has it been luck or something else? >> truly it was luck. i was in jazz for the first ten years of my life. because i was there my mentor from the kirby stone four saw me and astintroduced me to the christie minstels and hen formed the first edition. it was just being at the right place at the right time. >> where is home for you musically? >> started in houston. i think that's where my roots are. but, you know, i live in atlanta
8:42 am
now. so i think country music -- i'm a country singer with a lot of other musical influences. >> kenny, i grew up in texas and san antonio and grew up listening to all your songs and knowing all the words, and i came in this morning and gayle had "lady" playing. there's something about that. there's something when everybody knows the words to your songs. talk about "islands in the stream" with dolly parton. how did that song come about? >> what i wanted to change genres again. i've done r and b with lionel. let's try something different. i called barry gibb will you produce a song for me. he said i'll do an album. the bee gees music is hard to sing. i said barry i don't even like this song any more. he said we need dolly parton just like that.
8:43 am
my manager just ran into her. he calls her and 30 minutes later she marches in to my studio and my life has never been the same. >> for years people thought there was something between you and toldy and by that you know what i mean sexual relations. you make it very clear in the book no, no, no. >> she's too good of a friend. it would have ruined a friendship. we had a real chemistry and love people talking about it. it was great to hear people talking about it and i would wink back. but we were too good of friends. >> they say sometimes it can ruin a relationship. can i talk about your looks because you went through a time, you say in the book that if an artist is afraid to change their image in this business, their time is certainly limited. you did go through plastic surgery. at the time i look at all the pictures of you. look. you were such a good looking guy. did you regret that decision? >> i was trying to hide myself. >> why did you do it? >> i don't know. i had the money and time off. it's one of those things that i
8:44 am
think -- you look at yourself could i be better if i did this or that. i did it and the guy who did it was one of the world's best. but he just had this concept at the edge of your eye-to be higher at a certain place. i regret that. but the truth is i don't know what i would have looked like if i hadn't done it. i could be all down here. you do it and live with it. >> things are good because you've been married to wanda now and your twins -- you had twins at the age of 65, 66. wow. >> yeah. pray for me. >> what is that like for you? >> they say having kids at my age make you or break you. i'm leaning heavily towards break. it's gift for me to have them in my life. when they were christianed i wrote a little thing children give a marriage purpose, marriage gives life purpose. i have a purpose for them.
8:45 am
every day i wake up it's a joy to have them around me. >> if you stand up to change and set out to do something then you can do it. i remember even johnnie carson, one of the few people johnnie carson let you host the show when he was away. you wanted to do it and he let you do it. >> i loved it. i loved taking those chances and being on the edge of in this. >> let's end with every artist's praise for one song that defines him and for your that song is >> got to be "the gambler." >> got to know when to hold them. ♪ know when to walk away ♪ know when to run ♪ you never count your money ♪ while sitting at the table ♪ be time enough for counting when the dealing is done ♪ >> thank you kenny rogers.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
let me just say if you're interested in what life is like on other planets you're going to want to get to the apple store. [ laughter ] they are not of us. [ laughter ] >> i know exactly what you're talking about. i was just there. you summed it up perfectly. >> very straight. >> lewis black's new comedy
8:49 am
special is called "in god we rust." he attracts sell out crowds all over the world. >> he's heading to broadway. hello to you. here's one of the thing they are saying you about. execute as brilliant trifecta as a stand up come don't, actor and author but an angry man. >> yes. i'm really angry. i'm not an angry person but i'm angry on stage. >> they say it started as a colicky baby. >> i was a pain in the neck as a child. my mother even said she learned with me -- she did all this stuff -- back then you had to boil all this stuff and make sure everything was really right and then you could feed the child and then she learned when my brother was born after she dealt with meche said it's not worth it. i'm not cooking this stuff any more. >> did you watch the debate last night? >> yeah. >> what did you think? >> i thought it was good that i
8:50 am
could stay awake. i found it kind of weird that we are supposedly the most intelligent people on the planet, we're really this bright group that two minutes they have to speak, two minutes. do we have the attention span of a gnat. two minutes to tell us about the economy, the medical thing, social security. two minutes. it's ludicrous. we should be forced to sit there -- you can't explain anything in two minutes. you can't explain how to do a souffle in two minutes. >> not a good one. >> it's unbelievable. i found that it was amazing to me to watch -- i was just like who won the debate today? well, you mean you can say romney won it because he looked mildly more alert. but i don't think anybody out there -- i'm pretty bright. i don't really know what they
8:51 am
are saying. it sounds like english. i know it's english. but it doesn't come through. nobody -- go to america today and say what did those louns -- >> what should they be saying? >> they should explain it. don't tell me they are going to do this. tell me how you're going to do it. >> lewis, we can hear you. we can hear you. >> you're the one who asked me on. i don't know what you expected. it's early. you wake me up this early you get bad. >> my bad. should we expect this on stage on the broadway stage? >> bigger. >> okay. >> big room to fill. >> you clearly care about politics. in fact you've been tweeting about it. you are wren couraging people to vote. your concerned that if not enough people vote? >> under why people don't vote. but i really think the most important reason to vote is that it is the one day that when i
8:52 am
come out of that booth i go this is the most ineffectual i ever feel. i feel i have no effect on my environment. what's great after that after you come out with that horrible feeling every day that follows you say it was a bad day but at least i didn't have to vote. i don't feel good. i don't. i literally never in my life --& >> have you felt -- >> felt good about some of it. really? these are the choices? isn't there a kill me now choice? >> who is your favorite comedian. who makes you life? >> a lot of them. you know, kathleen madigan is probably a great female comic. there's, you know, louis seekay.
8:53 am
a lot of talented people. it's amazing. >> good luck on [ nn ] fe, thenti tth i d mi p ome
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
wh ientoy ntt, h sd, "wdoava luon r nsivteh. u' gngo veo an o yr otas." li t w myldoopae lt itadmyee fl al can ani dn wt noha tt ai dti sgeed at stctoendy. when wt ssone w aif w sllsi myldoopae, buitasn debefi whh llelta ay ssivi. it aifchge iteay . itak y gfr gmp ba thay ai
8:58 am
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News/Business. John Miller, Rebecca Jarvis, Jeff Glor. (2012) Singer Kenny Rogers; comic Lewis Black. New. (HD) (CC) (Stereo)

TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 13, Obama 12, America 11, Syria 9, Kenny Rogers 8, Washington 7, Citi 7, Florida 7, Ashton Kutcher 6, Frank Lloyd Wright 6, Cymbalta 5, Miguel Cabrera 5, Chicago 5, Turkey 4, Iran 4, Barack Obama 4, Jackson 4, Jesse Jackson 4, Cbs 4, Massachusetts 3
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